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Meeting Times


Our Life Groups begin at 9:30am. To find more information on which Life Group best suits you, scroll down!

Our Worship Service begins at 10:30.


Our Wednesday Night Small Groups begin at 6pm.

Currently we offer a women’s bible study about overcoming the battle of comparison, a men’s bible study on becoming the man God intended you to be, Financial Peace: a study on biblical finances, and To Live Is Christ: a study through the book of Philippians.

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Why We Exist

Our Mission at First Monroe is to make Christ known. This is at the heartbeat of everything that we seek to do. There are three ways that we seek to do this by helping people love God, reaching people, and growing disciples.

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Life Groups

We believe that life groups are vital to growing spiritually as well as growing with each other! We would love to have you visit!

EB :: Education Building

CB :: Children’s Building


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Our goal in Kingdom Kids is to lead children to follow Christ and equip parents to disciple and raise them.  Our children’s ministry begins at birth and goes through the end of 5th grade.  All of our ministry staff and volunteers are screened annually and equipped to provide your child a safe and fun learning environment.  

First Sunday? Look for a volunteer at the Kingdom Kids check in table and they will point you in the right direction!

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Next Steps

Connect 101 is a class where you will learn more about the DNA of our church, who we are, and the next steps of membership. 

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Recommended Messages

Sermons that introduce you to a bit of the heart, vision, leadership, and personality of First Monroe.

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