Reach Kansas City

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Kansas City is a classic Midwest city, complete with baseball, jazz and barbecued ribs. Early 20th century writers even regularly tagged it “The Most American City” because of its relative high percentage of native-born citizens. … Read More

Slowing Down Christmas

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What if you were to take Christ out of Christmas? What would you be left with? Good food. Family. Presents. Christmas Trees. Lights and Decoration. I want to ask another question, if Christ was taken … Read More

My 2016 Election Prediction

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Tomorrow it will all come to an end. The day that we have long await: Election Day. By tomorrow evening we will finally know who will be the next president of the United States of … Read More

Rejoice in the Desert

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Joy and deserts don’t go together do they? Deserts are dry, barren, hot, severe, hard and forbidding. How could you rejoice in that? Many times throughout Scripture, trials and struggles are represented by a desert. … Read More

The Need to Reach People

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The church in America is declining. While the population is continually increasing, church attendance and membership is declining. I believe the reason this is taking place is because the church is ceasing to reach people. … Read More